Mike Rohde

Mike Rohde
Mike Rohde
Mike Rohde has a passion for simple and usable design solutions. That passion, along with his lifelong habit of recording concepts and ob­ser­vat­ions through sketching and doodling, inspired him to develop sketchnotes—a practical art that trans­lates simple and complex ideas into easily re­called bits of in­format­ion. He re­cently wrote and il­lustrated The Sketchnote Handbook (2012 Peachpit Press).

Professionally, Mike focuses on user interface, user ex­perience, visual design, and icon design for mobile and web ap­pli­cat­ions at Gomoll Research + Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a sketchnoter, Mike provides live, real-time sketchnotes of events, meetings, and ex­periences in venues across the United States.

In his illustration practice, Mike uses his unique draw­ing style to amplify and clarify ideas. His work has been featured in REWORK, the best-selling book by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson; The $100 Startup, a best-selling book by Chris Guillebeau; The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle and Idea to iPhone by Carla White.

Mike lives with his wife, Gail, and children, Nathan, Linnea, and Landon, just outside of Milwaukee. He’s an avid Green Bay Packers fan.

Typefaces by Mike Rohde: Sketchnote

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