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Created by Delve Withrington in 1996, Continuo is an all-uppercase typeface wherein each letter­form is described by a single, continuous line. The chal­leng­es presented by that simple idea are similar to constructing letterforms with neon tubing. For ex­ample, when the strokes of a letter­form are heavier than the width of the neon tube, two tubes are em­ployed to create the outer contours, effect­ive­ly leaving an unfilled void inside the stroke. Also, since neon tubes cannot be broken apart as they trace the contours, they must follow a path that, for reasons of economy and to avoid optical massing (albeit in the form of bright spots), preferably avoids crossing the tubes. So too, the con­struct­ion of Con­tinuo follows. In places, the inline strokes are in­terrupt­ed to allow the line to cross over with­out being broken.

The name of this typeface is derived from the musical term, “Basso Continuo,” meaning an al­most constant bass line—an integral part of most mu­sic­al melodies.

As a display type, Continuo is ideal for use in head­lines, logos, mastheads, posters, flyers, and most over­size ap­pli­cations.

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