In addition to making great retail typefaces, Delve Fonts is often commissioned to create custom or “bespoke” typefaces for clients. Why might an organization commission the design of a new typeface?

One reason is to ensure brand uniqueness. Since retail typefaces are available for licensing by the general public, using one can result in the external dilution of your brand. A new bespoke typeface tailored precisely to your organization’s needs visually reinforces your brand.

Another benefit is cost-effectiveness. Annual license fees add up over time, increasing with the scale and scope of use. The fee structure for a bespoke typeface is negotiated at the outset to fit within your budget. And finally, a bespoke typeface will also allow for consistent typography in communications and trouble-free vendor workflow.

Our Process

We listen to you.

We will learn the requirements for your new typeface, then we’ll use our experience and insight to identify potential hurdles.

We work with you.

Together we will determine the scope, the timeline, and spec all the deliverables needed for your awesome project.

We deliver for you.

Your new typeface will be completed on time and within budget — meeting all the requirements and exceeding your expectations.

We’re here for you.

Support for your typeface continues during the lifetime of its use because we stand by the work we do.


Special Applications

Among Delve Fonts’ many capabilities is designing typefaces for more specialized applications. In addition to webfonts, variable fonts, and mobile app fonts, we can engineer fonts made specifically for embedded device displays, video games, operating systems, medical equipment, mobile device UI’s, electronic signage, digital learning tools, and automotive displays. Whether your product requires scalable out­line fonts with advanced hinting or bitmaps at specific sizes, we will craft the perfect typographic solution to meet your precise specifications.

Language Extensions

Localization is increasingly important with new services and products being introduced in emerging markets. Drive efforts to prepare your brand and communications by having your company’s fonts ready for use in those markets with the necessary language support built in. Delve Fonts can create a new font or extend your existing typeface to include Arabic, Greek, Hangul, Thai, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Devanagari, and many other scripts. The fonts can be made Unicode compliant or custom encoded for use with proprietary devices and software. We build reliable, accurate multilingual typefaces that will meet your requirements and will perform as expected.

Your typeface, upgraded.

Have your company’s legacy proprietary fonts extended to support additional languages for new markets, add new weights and styles, optimize fonts for on­screen use, or add some typographic refinements with Open­Type features. Whatever the need is, Delve Fonts can do it cost effectively and in a timely manner.

Flexibility and options

Commission Delve Fonts to create new fonts com­plete­ly from scratch or choose from the growing library of typefaces available from Delve Fonts — any of which can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your project.

A Qualified Vendor

Delve Fonts LLC is an experienced supplier for corporations, meeting insurance requirements and capable of liaising directly with your legal and finance departments for efficient onboarding so we can quickly get to work for you. Furthermore, we develop commercial-grade font software that undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing that will satisfy the requirements of your IT department.


Call 1.510.883.3358 or contact Delve Fonts today for availability and pricing.

Case Studies

Created: 2012 & 2016
Client: Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Created: 2011 & 2016
Client: Red Hat, Inc.

Created: 2018
Client: Guidewire Software

Creation: 2015
Client: Smith & Nephew
Agency: Wolff-Olins

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