The Delve Fonts Typeface Library

The Delve Fonts Typeface Library - June 2016 Edition - Summa, Vena Amoris, Fleisch, Discourse, Sketchnote, Continuo, Stenciletta, Rieven Uncial, Blot Test, Uppercut Angle, and more. 21 type families (88 fonts total).
None of this one-font, two-font stuff. Get them all in one shot and save big! Licensing the complete Delve Fonts Typeface Library is a cost-effective way to get this ex­clu­sive collection of original typefaces by award-winning designers. All 21 type families (88 fonts in total) are in­cluded in this package (see the list to the right). Prices start at $1,599. All the fonts in the library are in Open­Type format, which means they are com­patible with both Mac and PC platforms. This special package is avail­able for im­mediate download.

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