Delve Fonts LLC owns a number of different trademarks and service marks, including words, logos, and icons all of which are referred to as “trademarks” or “marks.” Delve Fonts’ trademarks should only be used with the prior written consent of Delve Fonts and with proper attribution.

This notice provides a non-exhaustive list of Delve Fonts’ marks, many of which are registered in the United States and other countries. Absence of a mark from this list does not constitute a waiver of Delve Fonts’ rights to trademark.

Delve Fonts, the shovel logo, Atava, Baudot, Blot Test, Continuo, Discourse, Delve, Eulipia, Helfa, Loniki, Maxular, Piston, Quara, Quita, Rieven, Sketchnote, Summa, Tilden, Tome, Tuppence, Vena Amoris

Amador, Balboa, and Cabazon are trademarks of Jim Parkinson

Fleisch, Stenciletta, and Oktal Mono are trademarks of Kame Design. Uppercut and Cortina are trademarks of Joachim Müller-Lancé.

Overpass is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc.

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Updated: December 7th, 2023