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News & Announcements

Summa, by Don Sterrenburg
6.23.16: New Font Release: Summa™
Delve Fonts is proud to announce the release of Summa, by Don Sterrenburg, a master in the art of pen and ink. The classic roman spirit and bracketed, cupped serifs together with the narrow width and elevated x-height of Summa give it a lofty, elegant appearance and an economic use of space. The Summa type family includes as a true italic (not simply slanted or oblique) with a more calli­graphic in­flu­ence in the letter­forms and a fascinating Inline variant that is a complete re-imagining of the structure of the forms found in the regular.

Summa’s height and compact measure make it an ideal choice for use in headlines, book titles, on posters, for drop-caps, and other instances where large display sizes are needed in tight spaces but heavy weights are not desired. Learn More >

Vena Amoris, by Kathryn Podorsky
5.24.16: New Font Release: Vena Amoris™
Delve Fonts is excited to announce the release of Vena Amoris, a new script typeface packed with clever features and fancy extras for creating stunning designs. The copperplate script is based on the exquisite writing of nationally recognized calligrapher, Kathryn Podorsky. Her tool of choice: a traditional dip pen, much like what master penman once used.

Vena Amoris looks equally at home on a wine label, a greeting card, or packaging for luxury linens. Designers will be smitten with all the extra little typographic goodies, like the embellished words with graceful flourishes or the ‘smart‘ roman numerals cleverly programmed to convert regular numbers to the roman numeral system automatically. Learn More >

Fleisch, by Joachim Müller-Lancé
12.9.15: New Font Release: Fleisch
Delve Fonts is pleased to announce the release of Fleisch, a pair of blackletter types “Wolf” and “Wurst” with the same weight and similar proportions. Fleisch by Joachim Müller-Lancé is inspired by lettering from his childhood. Both fonts include oldstyle figures, ornaments, a full set of decorative uppercase letters, lining figures, currencies, and punctuation. Learn More >

Discourse, by Dave Bailey
5.5.15: New Font Release: Discourse
Delve Fonts is proud to announce the release of Discourse by Dave Bailey Discourse. Learn More >

Stenciletta, by Joachim Müller-Lancé
5.5.15: New Font Release: Stenciletta
Delve Fonts is proud to announce the release of Stenciletta by Joachim Müller-Lancé Stenciletta. Learn More >

Sketchnote, by Mike Rohde
5.28.13: New Font Release: The Sketchnote Typeface
Delve Fonts is proud to announce the release of Mike Rohde’s The Sketchnote Typeface. Born of necessity, Rohde needed a series of hand-drawn fonts to produce his recent book, The Sketchnote Handbook. Be­cause of its origin, the typeface was designed to be practical, to convey the human character in Rohde’s handwriting and unique hand-drawn letter­ing. The family is comprised of four fonts: Sketchnote Text in Reg­ular, Bold and Italic, plus Sketchnote Square.

Sketchnote Text is a friendly, casual script with a bouncy baseline, a warm texture, and multiple alternates of characters for a more natural, hand­written appear­ance. Sketchnote Square is a bold, somewhat com­press­ed headline type made to complement the three text fonts. Drawn instead of written, the characters in Square have neat little happen­stance voids within the strokes. Square also features a selection of handy icons, rules, and arrows. Sketchnote can fulfill the demands of a variety of design projects where a handcrafted aesthetic and ease-of-use is desired. Learn More >

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