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Rieven Roman, by Steven Skaggs
2.12.13: New Font Release: Rieven Roman
Delve Fonts is excited to announce the release of Rieven Roman. For len­gthi­er passages of text, where often the more familiar venetian style letter­forms are preferred, designer Steven Skaggs created Rieven Roman. This addition to the Rieven family can be used hand-in-hand with its pre­decess­or, Rieven Uncial. Rieven Roman and its accompanying italic are brilliant new variants based on Rieven Uncial. Included in the Rieven Ro­man package is Rieven Ornaments, a font comprised of over 180 useful symbols, circled numbers, arrows, and decorative ornaments. Learn More >

Tilden Sans, by Delve Withrington
7.3.12: Tilden Sans Gains Weights
One of the best selling typefaces at Delve Fonts, Tilden Sans by Delve Withrington has been expanded with the addition of six new weights. Undoubtedly, this makes Tilden Sans a more useful and more versatile typeface. The Regular and Medium weights can be used at text sizes, while the Light and Black weights are great for display size settings. Read More >

Piston, by Steven Skaggs
6.11.12: New Font Release: Piston
Delve Fonts is pleased to announce the release of Piston, by Steven Skaggs. Inspired by the industrial revolution, a time that witnessed the ultimate development in steam, die­sel and oil: engines of all kinds. Piston cap­tures the nitty-gritty of a hard-boned indomitable age, bound­less in its faith in the technologies of iron and steel, tempered by half-remembered neo-classical details such as the verticality of neo-gothic windows, and finely detailed fin­ials. Learn More >

Oktal Mono, by Joachim Müller-Lancé & Erik Adigard
5.24.12: New Font Release: Oktal Mono
Delve Fonts is proud to release Oktal Mono, by Joachim Müller-Lancé and Erik Adigard. A monospaced type family composed entirely of mono-linear and modular structure, Oktal Mono came to life as a formal design experiment wherein a type designer and a graphic designer collaborate each in their own capacity, from within their respective disciplines. The typeface was systematically built using a grid and an octagonal base, determined to be most appropriate for the average text sizes. The Oktal Mono family includes: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Learn More >

Helfa, by Delve Withrington
12.6.11: New Font Release: Helfa™
Delve Fonts is proud to present Helfa, by Delve Withrington. This new, original typeface is comprised of 10 fonts including true italics, all in OpenType format. Helfa can be relied upon for setting lengthy texts at smaller sizes but is readily applicable to a number of other tasks; it has what is needed to do the job right. Learn More >

Rieven Uncial Pro, by Steven Skaggs
8.23.11: New Font Release: Rieven Uncial Pro
Delve Fonts announces Rieven Uncial Pro by Steven Skaggs. The character set of this award-winning typeface has been dramatically expanded to include broader support for languages based on the Latin alphabet, seven sets of numerals (including oldstyle and superiors), prebuilt fractions (or DIY with supplied numerators and denominators), over a dozen Ligatures, plus more than one hundred Symbols, and Ornaments. It’s packed full of typographic goodies and the OpenType features to make it easy to use them.

Uppercut Angle, by Joachim Müller-Lancé
8.9.11: New Font Release: Uppercut Angle
Delve Fonts is excited to announce Uppercut Angle, a powerful, confident, fast, and dynamic new typeface by Joachim Müller-Lancé. Decidedly analog, Uppercut Angle is evocative of brush lettering and cut-paper but is more fluid, like writing. Uppercut Angle is a font ready for action in OpenType format. It is available for purchase directly from Delve Fonts.

Cortina, by Joachim Müller-Lancé
2.3.11: New Font Release: Cortina
Delve Fonts is pleased to offer Cortina, an intriguing futuristic display typeface by Joachim Müller-Lancé in three styles: Base, Plate, and Slate. Each is modeled on the same conceptual form sharing proportions, but with different features. This new version of Cortina has been updated, and remastered in the OpenType format. It is available for purchase directly from Delve Fonts.

7.21.10: Delve Fonts on MyFonts
It’s a pleasure to announce Delve Fonts typefaces are now available at MyFonts, Bitstream’s popular marketplace for finding and buying fonts by hundreds of independent designers and foundries. One real plus for customers here are robust tools for evaluating fonts before buying.

5.20.10: New Font Release: Eulipia
Eulipia by Delve Withrington is an intriguing assemblage of organic features and geometric shapes; a unique typeface that has a fresh take on con­temporary serif designs This elegant and daring type family is now available for purchase and instant download at the Delve Fonts website.

4.13.10: Rieven Uncial on Typekit
This just in: Rieven Uncial is now available on Typekit! Now it is possible to use this award-winning typeface by Steven Skaggs as live text on your website or blog.

3.10.10: Delve Fonts Newsletter
The first issue of the Delve Fonts email newsletter has been sent to all current subscribers. The newsletter—whose subscriber list is strictly opt-in—is published only occasionally to keep subscribers up-to-date about develpoments at Delve Fonts via email. Subscribers get the font Blasphemy Initials free.

2.23.10: New Release: Rieven Uncial
Rieven Uncial by Steven Skaggs has been released and is now available for purchase and instant download at the Delve Fonts website. Rieven Uncial is a TDC² 2010 Winner for the “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design”

2.3.10: New Delve Fonts Website Launched
Delve Fonts announces its new website has been launched. To celebrate, the Delve Fonts Typeface Library is 50% off during the month of February 2010. In addition to a redesign, the new site now features online ordering with instant downloads.

1.25.10: Rieven Uncial is a TDC² 2010 Winner
Delve Fonts is proud to announce that our forthcoming typeface, Rieven Uncial by Steven Skaggs has received a “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” in the Type Directors Club 2010 TDC2 competition. More versatile than traditional uncials, Rieven Uncial tastefully blends roman and uncial characteristics infusing text with the flavor of an uncial without sacrificing readability in extended settings.

12.21.09: Delve Fonts on Typekit
Now select typefaces from Delve Fonts can be used on the Web via Typekit. Web versions of Delve Fonts are reliably hosted by Typekit. They make it easy and affordable to use the real fonts—meaning live, editable text instead of static images—on websites and blogs. Check it out!

12.07.09: Introducing Quara
The latest addition to the Delve Fonts collection, Quara, is a quasi-quantum interplanetary invader that would love to occupy your hard drive. Available in OpenType format.

11.09.09: Blog it All!
Delve’s blog, “Type Lost & Foundry” is up and running. It is primarily about type and design with some other stuff thrown in. Add it to your blog roll!

10.28.09: Delve Fonts on FaceBook
If you’re on Facebook, this is a great way to keep up with the very latest goings on at Delve Fonts. Visit Delve Fonts page on Facebook and become a fan.

02.17.09: New Fonts Added
Delve Fonts is pleased to present two new type designs available in OpenType font format: Tilden Sans; a loosely geometric, condensed font by Delve Withrington. And Cody; a friendly and fun font by Cody Chancellor with a nod to art nouveau and a wink to comic book lettering.