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Overpass is a bespoke typeface designed at Delve Fonts by Delve Withrington with Dave Bailey and Thomas Jockin between 2011–2016 on com­miss­ion from Red Hat, Inc. with di­rect­ion pro­vided by Andy Fitzsimon, Jakub Steiner, and Ben Dubrovsky.

The design of Overpass is an interpretation of the rather well-known “Highway Gothic” letter­forms from the Standard Alphabets for Traffic Control Devices published by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Starting from those specifications, critical adjustments were made to the letterforms to create an optimal presentation at smaller sizes onscreen and later for display sizes—especially in the lighter weights.

Overpass Mono is a thoughtful, fixed pitch re­imagin­ing of the Overpass proportional design. Con­sist­ing of four weights ranging from Light to Bold, each monospace weight matches the weight of their counterparts in the proportional family. The Overpass Mono fonts are finely tuned to meet the requirements of today’s programmers.

Professional programmers tested Overpass Mono during its development. Careful consideration was given to the appearance and vertical position of characters commonly used in con­tempo­rary pro­gramm­ing languages based on user feedback. As an example, the zero (0) is dotted for dis­ambiguat­ion from capital letter ‘O’ but a slashed zero is also provided for those preferring that form. Another is the six-pointed style and mid­line po­sit­ion of the asterisk that handily takes up the task of rep­resenting the elusive multi­pli­ca­tion symbol.

The introductory character set of Overpass is com­prised of over 430 glyphs covering dozens of Latin alphabet based lang­uages. Overpass Mono boasts over 980 glyphs covering the same languages but also includes complete Unicode® ranges for Mathematical Operators and Box Drawing, plus a selection of over 30 Arrows, and more.

Overpass can be used for everything from extended passages of text in print and online, to UI design, posters, wayfinding signage, and environmental graphic design.

Red Hat has generously made the Overpass family freely available to the public under the SIL Open Font License and the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

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