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Quara | Starting at $29

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Designed by Delve Withrington in 2009, Quara is a typeface that takes its cues from cutting edge technology and new gadget lust. Quara enjoys short downloads on the web, long walks on mobile devices, and romantic dinners by OLED light. An avid gamer (esp. MMORPG) and science fiction fan, Quara longs to traverse interstellar space and have its pixels scattered among the stars.

Its compact measure, square-ish architecture, low contrast, and slightly rounded corners set Quara apart from other sans serifs. It is well-suited for used at larger sizes in titles and headlines, in layouts for magazines, pamphlets, posters, and postcards. While Quara is intended for display settings, it does maintain some versatility allowing for it to perform well at intermediate sizes such as subheads or tag-lines.

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