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Quita | Starting at $49

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Desktop Font: OpenType (.otf)
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OpenType Features
LatinExtended Latin
Case-Sensitive FormsCase-Sensitive Forms
Discretionary LigaturesDiscretionary Ligatures
Historical FormsContextual Alternates
Localized FormsLocalized Forms
Oldstyle FiguresOldstyle Figures
Roman NumeralsRoman Numerals
Stylistic AlternatesStylistic Alternates
Swash VariantsSwash Variants


Quita is a luxurious script penned by master calligrapher and best-kept Hollywood secret Xandra Y. Zamora. Her expertise with the pointed pen is apparent in the confident curves and magnificent flourishes seen throughout the typeface. The unexpected curve at the end of the swashes present in the many of Quita's capital letters — and the name Quita itself, short for “chiquita” — were inspired by a beloved cat with a broken tail that Xandra once had. In visually translating Quita into a working typeface, Delve Fonts accurately captured and faithfully reproduced the vivacious letterforms as a connected script. Special attention was paid to the inherent rhythm of Xandra's handwritten specimens and alternate letterforms were included to invisibly achieve harmonious spacing among any combination of letters.

Delve Fonts has included all of the professionally built OpenType features you would expect from a contemporary script font. Take positional forms as an example, they are variants of letters that are drawn to be used specifically at the beginnings and endings of words or even as stand-alone letters (like the letter “a”, in English). The best part is: they are automatically applied as you type, giving you great typesetting right out of the box. You may further customize your message by applying some of the many stylistic alternates, discretionary ligatures, and swash variants available in Quita's character set.

Whether you are creating a menu, a wedding invitation, food packaging, or branding for luxury goods, Quita lends an artistic elegance and sense of refinement to any setting. You will take delight in its inherent beauty, its convenient features, and its reliability. You may also be assured knowing that with a character set of over a thousand glyphs, Quita's language support is extensive. It accommodates over 200 languages, including Czech, Danish, Turkish, Polish, and Vietnamese. Quita is certain to be one of your new favorite design tools.

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