To address those instances where the more fa­miliar ven­etian style letter­forms are preferred over uncials, designer Steven Skaggs ex­panded the Rieven family by cre­ating a Roman version that can be used hand-in-hand with its pre­deces­sor, Rieven Uncial. Rieven Roman and the ac­com­pany­ing italic are variants derived from Rieven Uncial and in fact share many glyphs in common.

Some of the key differences include: replacing the uncial-specific forms in U, a, e, f, and r with more conventional forms. Curved strokes in h, m, n, u, v, and w were revised to be straight. More subtle adjustments were made to g, s, t, et al for consistency with the new roman glyphs.

The accompanying italic works perfectly well with its Roman counterpart, despite being structurally quite dis­tinct from it. Virtually all traces of the uncial forms are removed in the lowercase. Sufficient dif­fer­entiat­ion be­tween the italic and the upright forms of the Roman has been applied to achieve a balanced contrast in text set­tings, which allows for more efficient reading.

Included in the Rieven Roman package is Rieven Orna­ments, a font comprised of over 180 useful symbols, cir­cled numbers, arrows, and de­cor­ative orna­ments.

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Use the handy built-in OpenType features to ac­cess the full set or browse the gylph palette. This set of orna­ments is the same as the one built into the Pro versions but pulled out and re­consti­tuted as a separate font. That way, you’re not missing out just because you don’t need the ex­tend­ed character set that the Pro versions offer.

Serving Suggestion
Use Rieven Roman for lengthier passages of text in maga­zines, books, and websites. Let the distinctive spirit of Rieven shine in packaging, signage, and games. Use it in tan­dem with Rieven Uncial for a con­sistent style, with optimal readability.

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Designer: Steven Skaggs

Created: 2012

Rieven Roman

Rieven Roman
Rieven Roman
Rieven Roman
Rieven Roman
Rieven Roman
Rieven Italic
Rieven Roman
Rieven Roman
Rieven Ornaments