Technical Info

Font Formats

Desktop Fonts

OpenType (.otf) is the modern industry standard for desktop font software. For those of you who are technically minded, the outlines and font data tables in our OpenType format fonts are CFF (Post­Script). Most Delve Fonts in OpenType format include intelligently applied OpenType features that take into consideration character encoding, language support, and glyph avail­ability. Learn more about the OpenType format


If you will not be self-hosting, a selection of typefaces from Delve Fonts are also available from Adobe Fonts via Creative Cloud.

The webfont packages available on the Delve Fonts website are for self-hosted webfont solutions. Our webfonts have been specially optimized for use on the web. Unless otherwise noted, the formats in­clud­ed in our webfont packages from Delve Fonts are WOFF2, WOFF, and EOT. Ad­dition­ally, a CSS file is pro­vid­ed to help get you up and running quickly. Please Note: The Delve Fonts Desktop Fonts License prohibits con­version of our desktop fonts to webfont formats. Read more about web fonts.

App Fonts

For increased compatibility, our app font packages supply you with Truetype (.ttf) format font files that contain all the same amazing OpenType features as our desktop fonts. Our App Fonts License allows you to embed the font files in your application code, improving the versatility and speed of your app. Our license allows for unlimited users, platforms, and upgrades plus the license is perpetual so you only pay once per app title. See our license for details and contact Delve Fonts with your questions about app font licensing.

Language Support

You may verify support for a language by typeface on our Language Support page. Delve Fonts can extend a character set as a custom service. If support for an additional language you require support for is not listed, contact us.

Character Encoding

For maximum compatibility, the characters in Delve Fonts’ OpenType (.OTF) fonts adhere to Unicode® standards and are first sorted for Mac OS Roman plus MS Windows 1252 Latin 1 encoding support. Language support will vary by typeface due to inherent design constraints and symbol fonts will normally have specialized encoding. Check each type­face’s character set for the exact glyph repertoire and language support. Contact Delve Fonts with any questions you may have about encoding.
Read more about font encodings

Spacing & Kerning Pairs

Every typeface we create has been spaced and kerned by hand for optimal results when you are typesetting. Furthermore, we leverage class kerning and the OpenType kern feature for accuracy and consistency. What is Kerning?


All Delve Fonts typefaces have been skillfully hinted and reviewed using professional level software to provide you with excellent output. What is hinting?


Delve Fonts’ Desktop Fonts are set for “Print and Preview” so viewing and printing the document in which the font is used is allowed. Where the license allows for embedding of our fonts, the process must employ subsetting, i.e.- the font must be embedded at 99% or lower when exporting your document as a PDF. Extraction and/or permanent installation of an embedded Delve Fonts typeface or a subset thereof from a document is strictly prohibited. More about Font Embedding

Font Installation

Downloading Delve Fonts typefaces

After the purchase/checkout process has been successfully completed, you will receive an email presenting you with a link from which to download your new Delve Fonts. The link expires after 30 days or 5 attempts to download—whichever comes first. If you have experienced a problem down­loading the fonts you have licensed, please contact Delve Fonts.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin to install fonts; make certain your user account on the target machine is an Administrator account or includes software installation privileges.

Extracting files from .zip archives

The font files from Delve Fonts have been compressed in a .zip archive for faster downloads and convenience. The files must be extracted from the archive in order to be installed on your computer.

  • For Mac users, Stuffit Expander is a free utility to decompress .zip archives.
  • For PC users, 7-Zip can be used to decompress the .zip archive (get 7-Zip for free from:

Once extracted, the font files in the “Font Software” folder are ready to be installed on your computer. Be sure to create a backup copy of your new typefaces from Delve Fonts before proceeding.

Operating System requirements for Mac & PC

Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, MacOS X, or a compatible OS that supports use of the OpenType font (.otf) format.

Installing fonts in Mac OS X

Using Finder

The simplest method for installing fonts in Mac OS X is using Finder. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to your User account on your Mac. From your user folder, go to: Library > Fonts.
  2. From the font package you downloaded from Delve Fonts, select only .OTF font files in the Font Software folder that you wish to install.
  3. Drag-and-drop the .OTF font files into your Fonts folder. Open an application (or re-start it, if it was already open) and begin using your new fonts.

Using FontBook

  1. Launch the FontBook application that comes with Mac OS X.
  2. In the ‘File’ menu of Font Book, select ‘Add Fonts’. Navigate to where you saved the font files you wish to add and select them. To select more than one font, press and hold down the SHIFT or COMMAND key while clicking on multiple font files. Now click on the ‘Open’ button.

You should now be able to see the fonts you have just installed listed alphabetically in the ‘User’ collection (find the Collection column on the left side).

Installing fonts in Windows 10, 7 and Vista

To install a single font, it’s quicker to simply right-click on the font file, selecting ‘Install’ from the menu.

If you are installing multiple fonts, it may be easier to use the Fonts Control Panel. Follow the steps below to open the Fonts Control Panel.

  1. From the ‘Start’ menu, select ‘Control Panel’ then select ‘Appearance and Personalization’.
  2. Next, select ‘Fonts’.
  3. Locate and select the font files you wish to install. Drag and drop them into the Fonts Control Panel (where you see other font files listed).

Installing fonts in Windows XP

  1. Open the Fonts Control Panel: From the 'Start' menu select 'Control Panel', then select ‘Appearance and Themes’.
  2. Next, select ‘Fonts’ from the ‘See Also’ panel on the left.
  3. In the ‘File’ menu of the Fonts Control Panel, select ‘Install New Font...’
  4. Navigate to where you saved the font files you wish to add and select them. To select more than one font, press and hold down the CTRL key, while clicking on multiple font files. Now click on the ‘OK’ button.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve lost my fonts, can I download them again?
Contact Delve Fonts with details of your order. After verifying your order we will email the fonts to you, no problem.
Can I pay by invoice if I don’t have a company credit card?
Yes. Contact Delve Fonts and we will arrange to send you an invoice for payment. Once payment is received, the font files will be delivered via email. Please note bank charges or fees may apply.
Can these fonts be embedded in web pages, PDFs, eBooks, or Applications?
We know reading a license isn’t fun so here is what is allowed for embedding:
  • Desktop Fonts - This license does cover you for use of the fonts to create commercial graphics and documents but embedding is not allowed. Contact Delve Fonts to upgrade your license for a fee to accommodate embedding.
  • Webfonts - Embed the webfonts by hosting the font files on your website server. The fonts are applied to your web pages via CSS to style live text.
  • App Fonts - Embedding these fonts in applications for the app’s UI and content is allowed. Use of the font to author user-generated content is not allowed.
If you aren't sure, please do read the applicable license for any font you plan to use to make sure embedding is allowed. You may also contact Delve Fonts and ask.
Can you modify a font?
Yes, we can modify the typefaces available from Delve Fonts for you. Please contact us to discuss the details.
Do you have a font license that covers us for _____ ?
Probably! Online ordering at is available only for the most commonly requested license types. We also license our typefaces for ePub/eBooks, Broadcast, Large Volume Printing, and more. Contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.
We need an enterprise level font license, can you accommodate that?
Definitely. Contact us to discuss what is needed and we will provide a quote for you.
Do you have a discount for educational or non-profit organizations?
Yes. Please contact Delve Fonts to furnish the necessary info so we may verify you qualify for the discount.