Technical Info

OpenTypeUnless otherwise noted, the OpenType (.otf) fonts made here at Delve Fonts are CFF (Post­Script) format. Most Delve Fonts in OpenType format include power­ful kern­ing classes and intelligently applied OpenType features that take into consideration character encoding, language support, and glyph avail­ability. Learn more about the OpenType format

Delve Fonts are available for self-hosted webfont solutions. Look for them under the ‘Buying Options’ on a given fonts’ page on this web­site. The webfonts have been specially optimized for use on the web. Unless otherwise noted, the formats in­clud­ed in webfonts packages from Delve Fonts are WOFF2, WOFF, EOT. Ad­dition­ally, a CSS file is pro­vid­ed to help get you up and running quickly. Please Note: The Delve Fonts EULA prohibits con­version of our desktop fonts to webfont formats.

A selection of typefaces from Delve Fonts are also available on the popular hosted webfont service Adobe Typekit.

Read more about Web fonts

Character Encoding
Delve Fonts OpenType (.OTF) fonts are encoded as Mac OS Roman with Unicode and include additional glyphs for MS Windows 1252 Latin 1 encoding support. A typical Delve Fonts typeface supports the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Icelandic, Italian, German, Finnish, Flemish, French, Norwegian, Portugese and Spanish.

Delve Fonts typefaces typically include a complete set of glyphs for the Encoding used. See a visual chart. Some Delve Fonts display typefaces and symbol fonts may have smaller character sets due to design con­straints. More about Character Sets and Encodings

Spacing & Kerning Pairs
Every Delve Fonts typeface has been individually hand spaced and kerned for optimal results. Except where otherwise noted, all Delve Fonts in OpenType format make use of class kerning and the Open­Type kerning feature. What is Kerning?

All Delve Fonts typefaces have been skillfully hinted and reviewed using professional level software to provide you with excellent output. What is hinting?

Delve Fonts typefaces are set for “Print and Preview.” Viewing and printing the document in which the font is embedded, is allowed. Embedded fonts must be subsets, i.e.- the font must be embedded at 99% or lower (see image below). Extraction and/or permanent installation of an embedded Delve Fonts typeface or a subset thereof from a document is strictly prohibited. More about Font Embedding
Font Subsetting in PDF Export

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