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Tilden Sans

Contemporary, clean and ready for work, Tilden Sans was designed by Delve Withrington to be no-nonsense but approach­able and distinct from other sans serifs in this class.

Tilden Sans has recti­linear forms and slightly con­densed pro­portions with incised ter­min­als on the rounded strokes—like those in the capital C or S, and many lower­case letters. It has low con­trast and a generous x-height. All of those features make it a pleas­ure to use and read. The family has seven use­ful weights to choose from: Light, Regular, Medium, Semi­Bold, Bold, Extra­Bold, and Black.

The typeface is named after Major Charles Lee Tilden (1857–1950), an attorney and busi­ness­man in the San Francisco Bay Area. Major Tilden was in­stru­ment­al in creating and ad­mini­strat­ing some of the first pub­lic parks in California.

The style of Tilden Sans is evocative of new tech­nology and contemporary design. Some suggested applications where this type­face per­forms bril­liant­ly are in UI elements, product packaging, head­lines and sub­heads, and short passages of text.

Weight/Style: Light | SemiBold | Black   •   Size: 1  2  3  4