Kathryn Podorsky


With a degree in Interior Design, Kathryn has a strong knowledge of design concepts. Then, when addressing invitation envelopes for her brother’s wedding over thirteen years ago, she fell in love with the art of calligraphy and has been writing ever since.

A traditional dip pen and oblique holder is her tool of choice, producing originals in the same manner as the old world master penmen. Kathryn’s calligraphy is recognized nationally and she has been featured in various publications, art periodicals, and stationery albums. Often working with various event planners and stationers across the United States, Kathryn has designed invitations, stationery and business cards for several high-profile clients and celebrities and is an official “Crane and Company Stationery Designer.”

Exploring new mediums and ideas, Kathryn continues to expand her creative talents but the art of writing and crafting with her hands remains the central focus of her work.

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