If a sans serif roman and an uncial got together and had a type-baby, it would be Rieven Uncial. While it retains a richness and elegance found in traditional uncial forms, Rieven Uncial has been carefully tempered by designer Steven Skaggs to be much more versatile. The accompany­ing italic works perfectly well with its uncial cousin de­spite being structurally quite distinct from it.

The OpenType Pro Versions
What’s different in the OpenType Pro versions of Rieven Uncial? For starters, the character set is dramatically ex­panded, boasting over 800 glyphs. Next, these fonts pro­vide broader support for lan­guages based on the Latin alphabet. There are seven sets of numerals (including old­style & superiors), prebuilt fractions (or use the numer­ators and denominators to com­pose your own), over a dozen Ligatures, Symbols, Orna­ments, and more. It’s packed full of typographic goodies and the OpenType fea­tures to make it easy for you to use them.

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Character set limited for testing. See full Character Set.

Award Winner
Rieven Uncial garnered a “Certificate of Excellence in Type Design” in the 2010 TDC² competition.

Serving Suggestion
Rieven Uncial Pro is surprisingly versatile. Use it for CDs, books, packaging, and signage, or any­time there is a need for an exotic feel to text without being overly decorative.

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Rieven Uncial Pro Family

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Includes 3 fonts: Rieven Uncial Pro, Rieven Uncial Pro Italic, & Rieven Ornaments

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Designer: Steven Skaggs

Created: 2009–2011

Extended LatinExtended Latin
Central European LatinLatin CE
Case-Sensitive Forms & SpacingCase Forms & Spacing
EuroEuro Symbol
Historical FormsHistorical Forms
Standard & Discretionary LigaturesStandard & Dis­cretion­ary Liga­tures
Numerators & DenominatorsNumerators & De­nomi­nators
Oldstyle FiguresOldstyle Figures
Scientific InferiorsScientific Inferiors
Slashed ZeroSlashed Zero
Stylistic AlternatesStylistic Alternates
Ordinals & SuperiorsOrdinals & Superior Letters
Symbols & OrnamentsSymbols & Ornaments
Tabular FiguresTabular Figures

Rieven Uncial Pro

Rieven Uncial Pro
Rieven Uncial
Rieven Uncial Pro
Rieven Uncial Pro
Rieven Uncial
Rieven Italic Pro
Rieven Uncial Pro
Rieven Uncial Pro
Rieven Uncial Pro